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XML Validator. Clicking an option from the list takes the user directly to the point in the editor where the tag is defined. The coding inserts tab allows users to quickly insert XML constructs into the editor with the click of a button or via a customizable keyboard shortcut.

XML Sidekick. EditRocket will wait for the completion delay period before closing the tag. The completion delay is configurable in the preferences. EditRocket will also attempt to display the appropriate closing tag when typing a less than symbol followed by a slash. Sidekicks, code builders, function navigators, program execution, and more.

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Auto code completion, tag completion, and lookup for many programming languages. The verification results are automatically kept up to date as your edit your document.

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Xmplify uses its knowledge of your document's current structure and its definition DTD or XML Schema to provide intelligent auto-completion suggestions. Xmplify's auto-completion pop-up also displays displays documentation relevant to each auto-completion, putting all the information you need to create and edit semantically correct documents at your fingertips.

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Xmplify scans for and displays any documentation provided by your documents' XSDs for whatever node you're currently editing, providing you with full details of the current context no matter where you are in your document. And of course, like everything else in Xmplify, node documentation is automatically kept up to date as you move around in and edit your document - or its specification.

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If your document doesn't specify a DTD or XML Schema Xmplify automatically derives a schema and seamlessly uses the derived schema for providing intelligent auto-completion suggestions. Xmplify updates the derived schema as you edit your document, so it can always offer accurate suggestions. Xmplify can also derive a Schema from multiple source XML documents, so you don't need to compile a "master" source XML document with all possible cases in order to derive a comprehensive Schema.

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If your document doesn't have an explicit DTD or schema, Goto Specification will take you to the relevant entries in the schema that Xmplify has automatically derived for your document. Xmplify includes a built-in XSLT 1.

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Previews are automatically kept up to date as you edit your document. Incremental search with regex support is built-in, and Xmplify makes it easy to run XPath queries and select matching nodes in your document.

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Xmplify is a bit native Mac app, designed and built from the ground up to leverage the power and elegance of Mac OS X. Current Release Notes. Cutting-Edge Release Notes.