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Download imovie hd mac lion for free (macOS)

For instance, you can add text to video, you can arrange video clips, adjust transitions, color, size and aspect ratio. Are you interested in this iMovie alternative for Windows? If you like, you can try its free version with 3 exports and 2 GB of cloud storage. However, if you want to enjoy unlimited exports and enjoy GB of cloud storage, you need to buy it. Core VideoStudio is another iMovie alternative for Windows.

2. DaVinci Resolve

It can transform your photos and videos into a stunning movie. Import media files. Then, drag and drop your files to the timeline in the order you wish them to appear in your movie. If you are looking for an iMovie for Windows alternative for lossless cutting or trimming of a clip, you can try Lightworks. This skilled and industry standard editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In a word, the interface of this iMovie alternative for Windows seems a little complicated.

However, this professional tool is an excellent iMovie alternative for Mac OS users since it provides the best Mac-style operations and interfaces.

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Besides, the pro version isn't a good iMovie alternative because of the price. However, you can try the free version. With this iMovie for Windows free full version, I can easily create outstanding movies without any watermark. Just try it yourself. You won't be disappointed. Should you have any other good suggestions about iMovie for Windows, please share it with us by leaving in the below zone. Thank you in advance. Please note that no iMovie for Windows alternative can help you if you lose the raw materials. Quick Navigation : iMovie for Windows 1.

Note: If you cannot download this tool, you have to accept the fact that Windows is no longer available. Scroll down for the next article Scroll down. Greetings from Greece and many thanks for posting this. I was looking all over for it iMovie HD is the best!

Lelila It would probably be good if you gave the make, model, etc. Forest Did you ever get the opportunity to look at my youtube video? EJ Had a look at Get Back in Line Boy and it looks like you accomplished what you had wanted to do, with good timing on the scrolling blocks. Are you the artist singing? Thanks for the reply.

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My concern is why do the words look so blurry?? On the polished music it is hired folks back in my Hollywood days. I have had about views of my stuff now and all I average is 1 min of viewing time. People need constant stimulation I guess rather then actually listening to a song?? And who wants to see a 75 yo man singing anyway? A few years ago when I was directed to this site, I tried it thrilled that all my plug-ins were intact and it crashed in the middle of a project.

Need a PC alternative to iMovie?

Has anyone tried Filmora Video Editor? I know that program like the back of my hand, but still want the quality of iMovie. As far as I can tell, the quality of the titling is limited to whatever the Apple developers wrote in there years ago. Maybe there are underlying assumptions that are different. Are you dealing with a DV project? Or an MPEG-4 project? Yeah, a late comer but getting iMovie 6 back with little effort is tremendous and i will donate as appreciation.

Thank you for posting this version! If I close the app, I more than likely lose everything. Not ideal. I also wish I could use Streamclip again. These other editing programs are not as user friendly. Almost a year now of being frustrated with the results in iMovie 6.

I am wondering just what do people do with it? Possibly no one has any information that can help you. Terribly sorry. Thanks for the get back. What I am asking is if this is a superior version of iMovie what sort of projects are people working on with it? Did you look at my link? Are there any examples of iMovies available?


The only movie I have made in the past was ten years ago on iMovie 2 and it looked perfect?? Thank you so much for the download site for iMovie 6. I have just upgraded to El Capitan and was disappointed that all of my iMovie 6 movies, that were stored on my external drives, showed up without the usual imovieHD icons, just a generic document icon. I found your site, downloaded the version you have up, and like magic I could open my most recent iMovie 6! All of those iMovie 6 movies now seem to be working. I cannot find words to describe how happy I am that you have continued to provide this service!

Will your iMovie 6 work with this system? Hoping yes! First, you need to buy an external hard drive. If you have a number of movies saved already, you would want at least a 1TB hard drive, 2TB might be better for future project space. There was a free version of this software available at one time. Might still be. This cloned external drive can then be used as your start up disc on your new iMac, so instead of seeing High Sierra when you use it, it will bring up your old El Capitan for you to work iMovie in.

Just a guess here, but I think the problem you have with the text may be because you are not laying your text over actual video clips, but instead one frame still text images made into video clips by iMovie. Still pictures put into iMovie and made into video clips always appear less sharp than actual video clips. I believe this has something to do with the interlacing involved in processing video clips in iMovie.

I have no video equipment and only a flip phone.