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I tried to make a screenshot using mono and GTK , but the screenshot is black Gdk. DefaultRootWindow; if window! Pixbuf Gdk. Rgb, false, 8, window. Width, window.

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  • Height ; pixBuf. GetFromDrawable window, Gdk. System, 0, 0, 0, 0, window.

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    ScaleSimple , , Gdk. Bilinear ; pixBuf. Save "screenshot0. I doubt the Mac OS port of Gtk portably gives you low-level access to the platform windowing system.

    MacBook Pro Black Screen of Death - Fixed 2019 (Working Method)

    I'd be surprised if it translated properly to OS X. I don't know, i tried using DefaultRootWindow, see in question, but it makes black screens. Or rather, under X Andrew Thompson Andrew Thompson k 29 29 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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    • Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Narcogen Active Member Apr 7, You might be able to utilize the Duet's display as a fullscreen preview rather than capturing it, have you tried that? Hmmm, I've not heard of that work-around before Narc.

      The Best Screenshot Apps and Shortcuts

      Can you explain a little further the disabling the preview part? I mean if I disable the preview I cannot "prepare" the things I want to share - so for my use case I would like to line up YT videos ready to switch scenes and play them with commentary etc etc. If I minimise the window to the dock I cannot navigate around it? Narcogen Active Member Apr 8, Right click the preview window in OBS.

      Choose Fullscreen preview. Move that window to your Duet display. Now you can see what you're doing.

      How to record your screen on macOS Mojave

      Or else you can use the Multiview Windowed setting from the View menu, and put that window on your Duet display. You can now undock all of OBS' palettes with controls sources, scenes, controls from the main window and try moving them to your Duet display as well. So now you've got your main display as the one you're capturing, and the other has your preview window and the control palettes. You won't ever be capturing a screen that has a preview on it, so no hall of mirrors effect, and you don't need to capture the virtual display being driven on the iPad since OBS expects to have a hardware GPU available and I'm guessing the Duet setup doesn't.

      That said, I've never used Duet so I don't know if the above will work either-- it may be that OBS won't like having any windows on that display either, but it's worth a shot.

      macos - Mac (OS X ) no longer saving screen shots - Ask Different

      Thanks so much for the tips Narc, unfortunately Duet isn't really playing well with any of those scenarios. It becomes laggy and flickering constantly. I do have another option tho, I'm going to try a different approach and use a couple of old HDMI monitors I have laying around and see if I can achieve a similar thing with them in place of the iPad on Duet. Will update all when I know the outcome, but for the time being folks I would suggest Duet Display on the iMac for some reason operators very differently to the same use case on a MacBook Pro.

      Narcogen Active Member Apr 9, Any recent iMac should be able to drive at least one second display without major issue. Will keep you posted :.

      Re: All browser capture extensions return black screen capture.

      Torey Striffolino New Member Apr 17, Hey there : I'm not using Duet but am having the same black screen issue with my Macbook Pro also new. What should I do?

      enter site Narcogen Active Member Apr 17, Write a new thread and post a log. I believe my video is helpful for others, so Torey, please keep this thread alive for everyone's sake! Narcogen Active Member Apr 18, There is no indication that his issue is the same as yours as he is not using Duet. There are relatively few users of OBS on the Macintosh platform, and even fewer that answer questions about it in this forum. There's no indication other than one vague symptom black screen that DOES affect many people on multiple platforms but many more people have no such issue. There's no indication that there's a single root cause for these, especially since you first reported the problem related to a use case OBS was conceivably not built for-- the use of an external non-video device as a virtual display.

      Throwing a bunch of only coincidentally related complaints into a single thread is a great way to get people to decide to avoid a thread.