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Slipped in among all of Dota 2's thousand lessons about which pairings of heroes make a heartbreakingly tough lane, or where to place Observer Wards and when they should be Sentry Wards, and whether that's even your job is a more tender, emotional core than I've ever seen in a multiplayer game. You might have played hours of Dota 2, but you might still suck because you can't resist a kill when it's in front of you.

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Because you get sloppy when you start losing, or winning. Because you can't predict your friends. This is where comparisons between Dota 2 and organised sport come from. It withstands discussions of tactics, depth and teamwork better than anything I've ever played.

The purpose of the game's library of heroes, items and skills isn't simply giddy maximalism. It's what Dota 2 offers as a substitute for physical fitness; instead of a growing mastery your real-life body, Dota 2 offers a growing mastery of a range of powers, combinations and even abbreviations so absurd that a common feature when my friends and I first started Dota 2 was having to stop and reflect on the absolute nonsense we were saying.

To stop and catch yourself moving the pub's salt and pepper shakers and squeezy tomato to illustrate tri-laning to your friends. Unreal Tournament, the question of how League of Legends compares to Dota 2 is as spittle-flecked as it is difficult to answer. The most noticeable difference is the business model. League of Legends offers a rotating cast of 10 free Champions, while additional Champions cost either Infleunce Points earned through play or Riot Points which are bought.

Dota 2 offers something much more palatable. All heroes are playable all the time, there is no persistence to reward players who've played or spent more, and everything you buy is cosmetic or about enabling involvement in the professional tournaments. Beyond this, Dota 2 is the more cantankerous, old-fashioned game. Something I haven't seen discussed, though, is that Dota 2 feels like a Valve product.

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From the voice acting, to the as-yet-evolving UI, to the art design, Dota 2 feels Even if it weren't for the business model, that might be enough to sway me. Once you're in, Dota 2 is so entertaining, and subverts so much of the perceived wisdom of game design as to be troubling. No commercial studio could have made a game this demanding, with matches this long, that fused genres like this, or included such counterintuitive tactics as killing your own soldiers. So what does it say about our industry that it's the most popular game on Steam?

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The original Dota mod was a fascinating curio. Viewed from this angle, of course Valve had to own it. The only strange part remains, with every publisher under the sun now trying to scratch together their own MOBA, how everyone let them get away with it. Whatever - the series is undoubtedly better off with Valve as the curator of the brand.

This is a gorgeous update, with every hero a colourful character, with a thoughtful, powerful, continually evolving UI, and a business model so nice, so kind, so smiling and unselfish as to be properly insidious. Following the Team Fortress 2 model, Dota 2 is entirely free. Better yet, after completing a match people will randomly win loot from the game's bulging catalogue of cosmetic weapons, clothes and hats for specific heroes.

This is the future! The moment you're OK with the idea of spending money, the second Dota 2's won you over and your eyes begin traveling towards your debit card, you're spoiled for choice as to what to buy first. Full sets of clothing for your favourite hero? New announcers, from the narrator of Bastion to Half-Life's own Dr. New skins for your wards, couriers, even your HUD? Most of this stuff is made by the community via the Steam Workshop service, meaning a cut of your pay goes straight to the artist, as well as making Dota 2 seem that much more organic and alive.

A more recent example of Valve's mystic knack for letting community and commerce spill over is in The International , Dota 2's most prestigious tournament, which takes place next month. Valve has shown slightly less interest in the Herculean task of making Dota 2 remotely accessible, but progress is being made. Dota 2's scalable bots have always been genuinely entertaining to fight against if not with , and they were recently bolstered by a suite of tutorials that Valve is growing into a larger New Player Experience.

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